The Mana Deprived Super Series – Name Change!

As many of you already know, and have teamed up to bring a series of tournaments to players across Canada. The tournaments, which are set to start in December of this year, and will continue throughout the 2013 season, were run originally under the name of the Mana Deprived Open Series (MDOS).

From this point forward, the event series will be known as the Mana Deprived Super Series (MDSS). The decision to rename the series was not taken lightly, and we as tournament organizers had some tough choices to make. There are many reasons for rebranding the tournaments as Mana Deprived Super Series events, and we’re excited to move forward under the new label!

As such, the first Mana Deprived Super Series tournament is still set to run on December 1st in Quebec City, and we’re equally excited for the MDSS to be held on day 2 of GP Toronto! We have also received our trophies and will be posting some pictures once they’re engraved!