Top 8 Magic: Grand Finals Deck Review: Omnathematics

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The decklists are not fully revealed at the time of this recording but the metagame has been made public and many players have already shared their lists on social media. Omnath is towering over Standard with 72% of the field playing either one of the two big decks that have sprung up around the elemental. Only NINE players chose to play without it in Standard. 

Omnath has even nabbed the top of the metagame list for Historic at 34%, pushing Jund Sacrifice, Rakdos Arcanist and Goblins, which had been such a big part of the last event down into much smaller percentages of the field. 

Brian David-Marshall and Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz talk their way through the metagame breakdowns, look at the various publicly known lists, and make their predictions for who they think will emerge on top of the insanely competitive field. 

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