Top 8 Magic: The State of Standard with Zvi

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BDM and Zvi look ahead to Mythic Championship VII and see where the Hall of Famer feels Standard is poised after three major events in pretty rapid succession — not even accounting for the Twitch Rivals event where Zvi went 6-0 on Day One with his Jeskai Cavaliers deck.

Other topics include:

Zvi’s crazy brew that combines Fires of Invention, Cat Food, and Niv-Mizzet Reborn into one deck that has a little something for everyone to hate on.

His other version of Cat Food that uses Emry, Lurker of the Loch and — why not? — Vantress Gargoyle.

While the metagame of Mythic Championship VI may not have been the most inspiring, it was some of the best played games either of the pair can recall in quite some time.

After his 14th Top 8 finish where does Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa rank in the all time Magic pick order?

With Veil of Summer banned, how the hell are you supposed to fight the recently unlocked Casualties of War from decimating your side of the table?

Where are the aggro decks?

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