Top 8 Magic: Wrong Answers Only


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Brian David-Marshall (aka BDM) and Michael J. Flores (aka MichaelJ) [aka co-hosts of the longest-running Magic podcast in the game] get together outside Montasy Comics NYC where MichaelJ can normally be found FNMing his heart out. This Friday brought a different mission. Mike was preparing for what we assume is a lame duck Standard format with a PTQ on his docket for Sunday — ONE DAY BEFORE A MUCH ANTICIPATED BANNED ANNOUNCEMENT SHOULD SHAKE THE FORMAT BY ITS LAPELS.

*It is important to note that 5th Avenue in the heart of midtown is miles away from the quaint and cozy corner of Waverly and Gay or the peaceful shores of the Hudson River in Hoboken. NYC was in full throat with actual f***ing jackhammers, ambulances, and hobo commentary.*

Mike was taking the night off from his beloved FNM to just test for the PTQ and there were plenty of options on the table — including Karn? — to deal with what should be Oko’s last hurrah.

In the meanwhile Mike and BDM took the opportunity to be spectacularly wrong by guessing which cards would get crushed by WotC’s banhammer before this podcast is even posted on Monday.

How’d we do?