[Video] Adam Yurchick’s Debut – Legacy Goblins, Round 1


Unlike other sites (with the exception of the obvious big names), we at Mana Deprived are honored to have a well-known pro on our team.  Adam Yurchick, a friend of mine for close to 5 years, finally decided to get his hands dirty and provided us with a video of him playing Legacy on MTGO.  As far as I know, this might be the only MTGO Legacy video available from a player of his caliber.  Since Adam is new to all this, this first video contains no commentary.  If you wish to hear his voice, please encourage him to talk in his future releases!

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Link: Adam Yurchick – Goblins – Legacy DE, Round 1

Download: Adam Yurchick – Goblins – Legacy DE, Round 1

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6 thoughts on “[Video] Adam Yurchick’s Debut – Legacy Goblins, Round 1”

  1. this is adam. as a disclaimer, i play pretty bad in some spots, especially game 1. look for my mistakes. I pick things up in the later rounds =D

  2. Haha I like your disclaimer. I watched it and was like wow…. this is some pretty strong Gempalming going on game one hahaha and than saw the Disclaimer after. No I am messing, thanks for the video man I enjoyed it a lot, especially the badlands off the top + the post match trashtalking to no one in the chat box HAHAHA. well done, looking forward to seeing more content hopefully with some audio 😀

  3. I think the 'trash' talking was for our sakes lol. Since he had no mic.

  4. I really like watching legacy events, and I did see some play mistakes but all in all it was good.


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