[Video] Doug P and KYT vs. Michael J Flores, Part 1


In perhaps the most entertaining video to date, the two core members of Mana Deprived (Doug P & myself) take on the legendary Michael J Flores.  Flores wanted someone to play Brad Nelson’s GP-winning deck against his Eldrazi creation.  Obviously, we insta-volunteered.  Here is the first game of our testing…

Link: UW vs. Eldrazi UW

In Retrospect

At the beginning of the video, I said a few things about Mike’s deck that could be taken the wrong way.  I said it was SLOW.  This was mainly influenced by the fact that we had to wait for Mike to beat a Mono White deck before we could play against him.  For what appears to be a Tier 2 deck at best, it gave Mike one heck of a long fight.  Another thing I said had to do with the inclusion of All is Dust with Planeswalkers and Spreading Seas already in the deck.  I believe this particular feature makes Mike’s creation hard to play.  There’s a lot of resource management going on.

The only alternative line we could have taken in this game is at the 4:00 mark.  Instead of playing the Tectonic Edge, we could have played Arid Mesa.  This puts us at a better position to have more white mana sources in the following turns.  I feel like the only card we really want to Edge is the Eye of Ugin.  Mike is going to have so much mana anyways, so hating on Temples might bring minimal edge.  My objective would be to use board wipes on Kozilek as much as possible, while saving our Paths for Ulamog.  I have not consulted Doug about these thoughts, so maybe he will have a different take on things.

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