[Video] Doug P and KYT vs. Michael J Flores, Part Deux


Game 2 of our epic match against Michael J Flores.  The video for Game 1 brought us an all-time high of 200+ unique visitors.  Thank you!  Quick shout-outs once again to both burn3000 and net_vagabond for not only having the patience to watch the match unfold in real-time, but for also being dedicated enough to view the commentary version of what took place.  The 2nd game is a long one.  Enjoy!

Link: UW vs. Eldrazi UW, Part Deux

No time to write some elaborate thoughts this time around.  Hopefully, there will be interesting thoughts provided by our viewers in the comments section.

Until next time,


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Where is our Spiffy outtro? Was hoping you added that to this so it didn't just end hahaha.


Thanks for the shoutout guys…enjoyed watching round 2 just as much as 1. Both decks have great staying power. I've tested both very much on mtgo. I think Mike's deck has some great potential especially after the changes he's made. I think it may fall vs. discard though. More testing is needed but being hit with a mind shatter pretty much ruined my game. Luckily Only esper seems to run it now.


Keep up the Videos. More Magic is always better. Learning lots now only if I can out it to practical use.


I love these videos. Love love love them. Please don't stop bringing them. It is one thing to look at a decklist, and quite another to see the strategy in action. 9.5 out of 10!! Would be a 12 if they worked on iPhone on the go…:( I don't like having to wait until I get to a pc to access this amazing content!!


I've started testing mikes deck some. I've beaten almost everything I've come across with it though I haven't taken it into the queues yet. I also haven't faced mythic or jund with it and I think the two U/W decks I faced were bad builds. Anyway, thanks again for the vids and the shoutout. Lookin forward to more.


Felt like it deserved its own post, that's all.


For someone who just found your site today, I can already attest to myself being a fan! I love watching the games, hearing your thought processes. It reminds me that I autopilot way too much, and if I had another player observing me, he'd be the one doing all the talking and I would be having way too many "Aha!" moments, like I had watching your videos! I'm bookmarking the site!

Geoff Bell

why would ultimate on elspeth matter in this matchup? indestructible is useless in this matchup no? Other than that very good videos- def keep it up!


With All is Dusts in his deck and his deck's ability to shuffle used All is Dusts for reuse, you are 100% correct.


After calling one of our opponents' a scrub in a previous post, I thought you would start raining down the hate on us once you got around to this series. I was pleasantly surprised by your kind words. How did you stumble upon our site?


MTG videos get such a huge response. It makes me wonder why so few people actually take the effort in making these. When it comes to poker, the market is filled with videos of pros playing online poker live.


Yeah if you catch me talking I say Elspeth Ultimate is very good… but that was made as a general statement. I than catch myself and realize how terrible it actually is vs Anhilator, and obviously All is Dust ruins it as well. It was one of those, Keep talking Doug, Keep talking Doug, Keep talking Doug…. Think about what you are talking about Doug kind of moments! hahaha great feedback though


So I've been playing the flores deck a couple days now and I've run into a rash of awful mono w decks who's only goal can be to stall their opponent to death. It's the most boring thing ever. After facing down these and deciding I wanted an uncounterable answer that would end the game faster for me against control, I decided to try one Emrakul in the board. I often end up with more than enough mana to cast him against most control out there. I like him a lot in the deck. I just took Flores' most recent list and replaced the jace beleren in the sb with emrakul, it's nice, not to mention a blast to actually cast.