[Video] Doug P’s Debut – Beating Face with Jund

In his debut video, Doug P chose a variant of Jund as his weapon of choice.  By variant, we mean a version that includes Lotus Cobras, Consuming Vapors and Abyssal Persecutors.  With a flood of online PTQs coming in June, Doug P is motivated to finally take one of these bloody things down.

Link: Doug Jund

Because videos take a great deal of effort and time, we would sincerely appreciate any feedback at all.  We also really want to know how we can improve because we are extremely new to this type of thing ourselves.

Until next time,


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Unlike myself, you definitely have the voice to be doing this type of thing. You sound very enthusiastic throughout the video. I was thinking about whether making the opponent discard the Ruinblaster over the Jace would be the better play, but I just realized you could not do that with Duress. Silly me!

Holding the land in case of a Blightning was nice. The only real situation where I might have done something different is near the end where there was a ton of options and you had 2 lands that were "Seased". I am going to have to watch the video again to know for sure.


I think you should have sideboarded +2 Lightning Bolt, -2 Terminate. Silly Doug.

Also, maybe if you cut the video down into parts like game 1, then game 2, ect. that could avoid having one super long video. I don't mind watching long video's, but some people might just stop watching cause they don't want to watch a 20 minute video.


Doug P sucks


Yeah Franstar I want to start doing that in the future, possible with Youtube Links and stuff just because than people can watch one match before they rush out the door or something, and finish it off later. I know I do that a lot with LSV Coverage so thanks for the feedback!


Heh, the second your opponent terminated the leech during his main phase is the second I realized you're playing a scrub.