[Video] KYT vs. Turboland – 8-Man Winner!


Doug P has been taking over the video department for the last little while, so it feels good to be back.  I asked my Twitter followers what they wanted to see and they all answered Turboland.  Unfortunately, Turboland is not the complete subject of this post.  It is about my 8-man with Jund that includes seeing me face off against Turboland in Round 1.  I split my 8-man into two parts.  The second part has two really interesting decisions.  I believe I might have made the wrong decision both times.  Let me know if I did!

Link: Jund vs. Turboland

Link: Jund vs. UW and Vaults

Sideboard vs. UW

-4 Lightning Bolt

-2 Terminate

-4 Bituminous Blast

+3 Duress

+2 Doom Blade

+4 Goblin Ruinblaster

+1 Malakir Bloodwitch

With a 9-5 job, these have become a pain to make.  I really hope you appreciate the effort.

Until next time,


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