[Video] Mono Red with Doug P

Last week, I received lot of great feedback from different sources for Doug P’s video on Jund.  He was able to show that Jund DOES indeed take skill to pilot properly.  Today, I am happy to share another Doug P video as he decides to test Mono Red.  Enjoy!

Link: Mono Red

Until next time,


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I can't believe I start the video saying I have a 2 land hand, when there is very clearly only one land haha. Sometimes my brain doesn't say what I want it to 😛


Always fun to look back at a video and see how much of an idiot you were.

Doug, I was trying to upload your 2 videos on YouTube. They were removed immediately because they both exceeded 10 minutes in length. Boy, do I hate that rule. I am going to have to break them in chunks and then upload. No big deal, but such an unneeded hassle.

Kyle McDonald

Hey Doug P, great video! I really love the deck and glad to see a mono red deck without Summons/Bushwhacker combo. Could you talk about or show some of the bad matchups? It would be great to hear some tips on how we can make them not so…bad. Thanks.


Thanks Kyle! That could be an option for the future, but my main directive at the moment has been testing out every deck I can for the upcoming PTQs on Modo. I have settled on Next Level Mythic, so unfortunately I will have to curb the mono red focus for the time being, I just wanted to get this video out there to keep things diverse during my testing process.

Will keep these things in mind though! Thanks for the feedback


Wooo Mono Red! Another good video Doug, I'm enjoying these. Good call on Staggershocking the one Bloodbraid. I also really enjoy doing the play that makes the opponent feel like they messed up the game even though you had another way to win anyways, good way to tilt your opponent (though it didn't matter as much since it was game 3).

Just a couple thoughts about the deck:

1) A common problem with any agro/red deck is that if you don't have an explosive draw, or have to mulligan, it can be hard to win since you can't recover over a long game with card draw and such. It's not just this build, but agro in general. That can lead to those couple matches where variance and mulligans cause you to lose.

2) This particular build was designed to be slightly slower than most mono red builds, which gives it a bit more resilience and mid-game. Because of this, its Jund matchup isn't a complete blowout like other lists are, but it's still favourable. I figured I could lose some edge on Jund to have a better chance against the other decks.

3) This list seems to have tons of games where you *just* get there. It quite often gets there, but they are nail-biters, like you saw in game 3. If you play this deck you gotta accept that you'll get into those close situations.

4) Against UWx a key is to identify whether they have Baneslayer in their list or not. The matchup is actually pretty decent if they don't, but if they do you absolutely must make sure you have enough burn to take the Angel out immediately, until you're ready to burn them out. Planeswalkers is a better matchup because of this. The Ruinblasters are also better than Ball Lightnings in this matchup because of Spreading Seas.

Kyle McDonald

Can you post the decklist in the blog post? I think I can make out most of the cards but it would be great to have a list I can reference.

Kyle McDonald

nevermind, I found the list on Star City Games.