WAR Standard, Top 5 All-Time, Rating MPL

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(2:30) Reminiscing about old style PTQs
(3:25) Alex’s first PTQ win
(5:00) WAR Standard talk
(7:50) Nexus
(10:20) Izzet Phoenix
(13:25) Mono Red winning the SCG
(19:55) 17 lands in BO1 Mono Red
(21:25) Mono Red choices, Frenzy vs. Chandra, Patrick Sullivan’s thoughts
(26:15) Alex hates Risk Factor
(27:40) Lava Coil in the mirror
(29:30) Putting pros on a pedestal
(30:20) Alex getting on KYT for calling Edgar the hottest Canadian player
(34:45) New Karn in Tron
(37:05) MPL breakdown
(38:50) Rating Emerald group
(41:20) Rating Pearl group, Javier best active player?
(45:50) Rating Ruby group, Huey nigh-unbeatable when he’s on
(49:05) Alex’s top 5 all-time
(52:45) Rating Sapphire group
(01:01:10) Reacting to Yuuya being out of the Hall of Fame