What is Mana Deprived?

Let us start things off FAQ style…

What is Mana Deprived?

The goal of Mana Deprived is to be the most RELEVANT blog for semi-pro Magic: the Gathering players.  By semi-pros, we mean people who work regular 9-5 jobs, but still wish to
make a dent on the MTG tournament scene.  We provide information on what decks we fully intend to grind PTQs with.  No fluff.  No filler.

Who are you?

My name is Kar Yung Tom (more affectionately known as KYT).  I have been into strategy games all my life.  Similar to many other MTG card slingers, I started off as a tournament chess
player.  Nowadays, MTG and poker are my two primary games.  As of this writing, my DCI rating is 1909, which places me 88th in Canada.  2010 has been extremely kind to me with a pre-release win and top 8s at two major events, including the largest Montreal PTQ ever.  On a final note, I also happen to be Michael Flores’ new protégé.

Who else is going to be writing for Mana Deprived?

Mana Deprived does not strive to compete with the big names of MTG strategy sites.  We just do not have the budget, period.  However,over the years, I have made many good friends with people who are currently at the top of the MTG world.  Expect material from Adam Yurchick (5th highest rated player in the world), bolov0 (8th in the MTGO Player of the Year race) and Vincent Thibeault (12th highest rated player in Canada with a rating of over 2000).

Can I write for Mana Deprived?

Yes, only if you wish to do it for free.

How often will Mana Deprived be updated?

Mana Deprived is the nth blog that I have created.  Experience has taught me that setting up due dates for posts is simply a recipe for disaster as unexpected events can make your schedules look like false promises.  All that can be guaranteed is that I will try my very best to keep this place as updated as possible with approximately one post per week.  As I bring more writers to the team, the frequency of updates will only increase over time.

When is Mana Deprived launching?

In exactly 30 minutes with Vincent Thibeault’s article on his PTQ-winning UG Polymorph.  Glad you could join us.

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