Attila, I’ve known you for playing Scapeshift since forever and you didn’t disappoint. Tell me about this deck that only plays one copy of Scapeshift.

So I felt Shift was a bit too slow in the metagame. By one turn, so I wanted to play a Breach deck. So the reason I play a single copy of Shift is because you can win randomly. You could Breach end of turn, get Titan, untapped, Shift them which came up more than once in the tournament.

Is this a unique build or do Breach decks look like this now?

It’s quite unique because most Breach decks don’t splash Fatal Push and Trophy. They don’t play EE. They don’t play Omen and Shift. They do not run Looting.

Let’s break down these choices. Why splash black for Fatal Push and Assasin’s Trophy?

I just wanted something to kill Thing in the Ice. I thought Bolt was bad and I didn’t like Flame Slash. I prefer the sideboard options that black gives me.

Talk to me about Looting.

Looting is the best card game. You’re not a Shift deck so you don’t need critical mass, you need the right pieces. You look at your hand. You have a Titan, two lands, a Wrath and a Looting. What I probably need here is Breach. You probably never cast it on turn 1. You cast it when you know what you need. Turn 3 mostly? Turn 1 ramp, turn 2 ramp, turn 3 find a piece.

What about the rest of the 1-ofs?

The Explosives is another out to Thing in the Ice and a bunch of random decks that play Amulet, 8-Rack, aggro decks. The Omen, I always play an Omen no matter what and in this deck, it’s still great if you go ramp spell into Omen into Breach Titan, they’re just dead.

You’re really scared of Thing in the Ice?

That’s the way that deck beats you. The Phoenix are nice they hit you for 3 or 6 or whatever, but if they turn 2 Thing, turn 3 flip with a Phoenix, then you die instantly. If they hit you for 3, it doesn’t really matter.

What matchups are you hoping to face and not face?

I really want to face any of the fair matchups. Tron, BG, Amulet Titan. Things I can interact with than just purely race. What I would not like to face? I thought there wouldn’t be any in the room. I lost to Infect and Elves because I don’t have any Anger of the Gods in the 75 and of course I have Infect and Elves on Day One. I started 3-2.

What’s your Dredge matchup like?

The approach is probably to mulligan to a very fast hand or to a hand with a Leyline or Ravenous Trap. As good as Leyline is, the Trap interacts way better with Looting because I can just Looting to it, get a Trap and I can cast it for free.