Congratulation to Alex on taking down the Showdown with R/G Eldrazi! This weekend on March 19th is the Face to Face Open Series at Seneca. If you can’t make the Open series be sure to follow us on Twitch to watch the fun!

Alex Levstein – R/G Eldrazi – 1st Place

Tom Sims – Elves -2nd Place

Nicholas Kiverago – RUG Moon – 3rd/4th Place

Brenton Henry – Merfolk – 3rd/4th Place

Peter Schreier – Bant Humans – 5th-8th place

George Soules – Affinity – 5th-8th Place

Matthew Loong – Jund – 5th-8th Place

Omar Beldon – R/G Eldrazi Aggro – 5th/8th