Open Recap: Death’s Shadow looms over Victoria


It’s funny how the more things change in Magic the more they tend to stay the same.

One week we’ve got this massive banned and restricted announcement that is supposed to change the Modern format, and the next we’ve got Death’s Shadow sitting atop of an Open Series event like it’s 2017.

This past weekend Grixis Death’s Shadow took down our Victoria, B.C. Modern Open in the hands of Patrick Berdusco.

Your Victoria Open champ, Pat Berdusco.

Shadow is an interesting deck within the context of Modern. The archetype really seems like it ebbs and flows with the format, some weekends it can look like you’re playing a Legacy deck in Modern, and others you just get Path to Exiled out of the gym. This weekend though, Pat was able to take advantage of the high powered midrange strategy, and there’s rumblings around the Magic community that it may be time for a return to form for Shadow.

Pat triumphed over David Horgen and his Infect deck in the finals.

Joining them in the Top 8 was Oleg Matveenko on Azorius Control sans Stoneforge, Ryan Sheehan playing Affinity, Jonah Fax playing Dredge, Brandon Ainey on Tron, Ian Smith playing a classic Slippery Bogle strategy and Curtis Klajch playing the Spell Queller infused Stoneblade deck that’s been popular lately.

Your Victoria Open Top 8.

For the first time since the banning of Faithless Looting and Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis I feel like we had a balanced Top 8 this weekend in Victoria. We had Tron and TitanShift dominate in St. John’s, a revamped version of Dredge take down our Edmonton Open and now here we had it all.

This to me is particularly interesting after seeing the results of our Toronto MCQ which also took place on Saturday. At both events there were a surplus of hyper-efficient decks, whether it be Grixis Shadow, Infect or the Mono-Red Prowess deck that won in Toronto. Maybe these decks based around cheap spells are the future in Modern.

One thing I’m waiting for is a higher representation of Whirza decks in our Top 8s. This archetype seems to be dominant online and on the GP circuit as of late so I’d like to see it catch on more on our Open Series.

Congratulations again to our champion Patrick Berdusco from everyone at Face to Face Games! We’d also like to thank our awesome judge staff who ran a smooth event all day long!

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