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Episode 242 kicks off with a look at that new take on Abzan Aggro in Standard from GP London. KYT has been grinding sealed PPTQs on MTGO, and describes what that experience has been like for him. The team look at some of the sneaky Battle for Zendikar spoilers to come out of the full Zendikar vs Eldrazi Duel Deck lists. Don’t miss Jeremey and Scotty at Ptarmicon in Yellowknife this very weekend (Aug 22-23)! Jay Boosh finally tried out the Commander Cube format he had been working on. Mr. ScottyMac got to play some paper Commander, this time with a Brago deck packed to the hilt with blinking fun. The Eh Team weighs in on what they think of this year’s MTGO Community Cup team announcement. Why Scott is so excited that Leagues are finally returning to MTGO!

Jay Boosh’s EDH Cube Rules

  • 14 Commander DMG
  • No tag team commanders
  • Starting life is 20
  • Vancouver Mulligan
  • Tuck Rule – no rezoning, tucking allowed
  • Mono-colour:
    • 5 Card splash
    • Multicolour doesn’t count
    • Only 1 colour splash
    • Commander pack: 5 cards, pick 1-kill 2-pass 2. kill face up
    • 15 card goodie pack, drafter last
    • 4 packs of 11 from cube
    • One copy of X card per deck

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, & lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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