Crazy Talk #22 – Is This the End?

Mark Sun joins the CT crew as they talk about GP Montreal and the impact the banning of Mental Misstep has on the Legacy format. Rumor has it that we are nearing the end of Crazy Talk… Could it be?

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Special Guest
Mark Sun @AllSunsDawn

Crazy Talk
Kar Yung Tom @manadeprived
Alexander Hayne @InsayneHayne
François Richard @livewithfrank
Jonathan Medina @mtgmedina

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11 thoughts on “Crazy Talk #22 – Is This the End?”

  1. Next GP the local folks (I am sort of local I guess living a bit outside the city) Should make a listing of guys willing to let folks stay over etc for a night or 2.

  2. just cant listen to this cast anymore, so boring, too many inside local jokes that come off bad in a pod cast, not enough frank

  3. haha more medina! lol that was great, but come on medina he’s legacy superstar Mark Sun! just taking out your bad beats on such a legend, disgrace….
    Huge congrats to alex on making the top 2 at the GP! we need more frank and more KYT! great show guys.

  4. crazy talk can’t end guys! more crazy talk! more legacy! it would be a sad day if there was no more crazy talk…

  5. I wish you are not serious about ending Crazy Talk. Please, keep running! You must be there to follow the evolution of meta post Mistep ban.

    By the way, Mark Sun is awesome. And congrat to Alex for the GP.

  6. I haven’t listened to the episode yet but duuudes you guys ending crazy talk is craaaazy talk, its easily the best podcast out there, if you dont wanna do legacy talk just end the eh team and make this ur standard podcast

  7. Don’t end Crazy Talk!!! It’s the best Podcast out there (more Franky). Also, replacing Smi77y with Medina would be awesome and you guys should really have Derfington create a picture of the Crazy Talk crew in cartoon form just like the Eh Team.

  8. No medina on ehh team pls. Love me medina, in doses though.
    Smily cannot be replaced, maybe cobra snake though….

    Back to craaaazy talk….don’t end the show guys! just tweak the content. Modern doesn’t have a podcast. Do both legacy and modern. Cool?

  9. I’m a little late to the party but I have to say this was an excellent cast.

    Awesome props to Alex on his finish at the GP. I was checking twitter constantly and really pulling for him to win it all.

    Medina on The Eh Team would be so much win. Make it happen KYT, doooo iiiiittttttt! #Medina’sArmy

    I saw on twitter that Alex is going to try to run the double que at FNM this week. I’d love to know how that goes.

    All you guys definitely need to go to worlds (Looking at you Jonathan) so I can meet you guys and buy you a drink.

    San Fran is going to be epic.

    Much love as always.



  10. No way this is the end! You guys keep me up during my graveyard shift. Keep up the good work. Congrats to Medina and Alex for their tournament results. Congrats to KYT for his day two qualification. Congrats to Frank for just being the best dude to have in any cast.


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