Crazy Talk #5 – Robin the Rich

Episode 005 – Robin the Rich

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Drew Levin @drew_levin

In episode 5 of Crazy Talk, the guys welcome a very special guest: Drew Levin. Together, they explore the Legacy metagame, the viability of burn decks and the future of the Legacy format. They also reveal the secret identity of the Robin Hood of Magic. Someone has to stand up to all those dirtbags!

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Kar Yung Tom @manadeprived
Alexander Hayne @InsayneHayne
François Richard @livewithfrank
Jonathan Medina @mtgmetagame

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17 thoughts on “Crazy Talk #5 – Robin the Rich”

  1. Great show guys, I like how you kept a nice balance of humour and in all seriousness.

    Drew Levin was an amazing guest, you need to have him on again. I really enjoyed his insight.

    I particularly enjoyed that he narrowed down the deck building to simplistic archetypes to build decks around (IE Merfolk, Goblins, Zoo) and then moving into combo etc and realizing the importance of the meta, while I knew the later to be true, I never thought about the aspect of building to around the top tier decks when brewing on innovation. kudos for the awesome tips.

    I think Forsyth’s purposed twitter topic on the loss of value to duel lands with a “fantasy” printing of snow duels wouldn’t really matter. the potential loss of original duels? I highly doubt that would even be effected, not unless these fictional “snow” duels did something ridiculous that made the original duels obsolete.

  2. Great podcast and at time funny as hell. It is great to be able to hear what some players at the top of their games have to say about Magic. Congratz guys! And it is so informative that you can even learn where you can get the best breakfast in town.

  3. Wow KYT, congratulations again on making top 8 of the PTQ, and here I thought you were just some knowledge-less fool that made podcasts…. lol! 😛

    Also, who are these pansies that complained about Medina and Alex fighting?? It’s literally the funniest part of the show. I don’t even know anything about Legacy, nor play it, but I still listen because you guys make me laugh a lot.

    Very interesting podcast, awesome guests, informative and funny, keep it up!

  4. Great cast I was glad to find this as I’m very interested in LegacyI found a Pyromancer Ascension deck list on 02drop and was wondering if u guys could talk about it and if it could do well in the format (link: ) i made one change and replaced lava spike with force of will. the basic idea is get pyro active cast Time Spiral after the first on resolve use any instants in hand with the second one one the stack and then finish them off with the cards you draw from the second one. with the high tide this can happen as early as turn 4. i also dont know what to do with the board i was thinking some sort of show and tell with emrakul since the opponent will likely board in enchantment hate.

    MORE MEDINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. sorry forgot to mention if you could talk about Combo elves as a legacy contender.

  6. can some one post a link to the guy who reveiws podcast i keep missing the name thanks

  7. Hey guys, just started listening to your podcast because I loved KYT from the eh team. Awesome stuff, keep up the good work! Kyt is just my favorite pro, Frank is hilarious, Alex is witty and clever, and Jon is unique. I kinda missed the arguing, was my favorite part of the show. Drew was an awesome guest, I think I’m going to try to get together a goblins deck, I was playing a bw mother of runes/stoneforge deck before, but he made some solid points.

    And since KYT asked, LESS MEDINA!!!
    Maybe like 25% less? He barely leaves room for Frank to talk at all. MORE FRANK!!

  8. @Arthur Macmillian

    Favorite pro? Wow. Just words that are far too kind. What is it that I do that you love?

  9. If you guys want legacy to survive long term, please talk more about the ridiculousness of the reserved list. It coupled with the format’s current popularity have to potential to turn legacy into vintage. MORE CARD AVAILABLITIY DISCUSSIONS. And some frickin more Medina!

  10. More Frank!

    Also.. Medina is actually from the future. He came back in time to amass a huge stockpile of magic cards that future Medina will cash in on.

  11. Great episode, great to hear from Drew Levin. More Medina. Not to be too repetitive, but if you guys want legacy to be more popular, which would be awesome, card availability needs to be increased. So help push for the abolition of the reserved list. The only thing tying the hands of wotc is apathy.

  12. Listening to this cast now is making me sick. People complaining about duals being 100 dollars with underground sea at 350.


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