The Eh Team #20 – Two Hours with the Innovator

Episode 20 – Two Hours with the Innovator

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With special guest Pat Chapin, the guys re-visit their reactions to the ill-fated Magic Cruise, and the reactions to their reactions! Smitty turns the topic to Extended season, asking Pat for advice on what deck to play, and why. They also discuss Patrick’s soon-to-be-released music single, and what it would take for Magic to be as well-loved as Texas Hold’em poker. Stay tuned right to the end of this mega-podcast for a special preview of the musical single!

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Throwing Fire – Ronald Jenkees

Eh Team Intro – @mtgcolorpie

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Damn, Chapin is an a-hole.


He is so used to everyone kissing his ass that he doesn't know how to take criticism.


Chapin Respect -20


Don't f*** with Pat and his friends or he'll go crazy on you…


The 1st 40 mins of this cast was painful to listen to. Chapin makes some pretty good points. Still love you guys though!!
I just hope Jay doesn't rant less because of this cause that shit is entertaining.


Don't feed him after midnight either.


I feel that most of his points were valid…

justin richardson

where can i find the article that was ranted about in the begining of the article


Seriously? The Eh Team is an awesome podcast when it is not a long rant. But when it is it is painful and boring. And this was not the first time. Next time go back and listen to this shit. Excruciating.

Art Vandelay

Chapin was way cooler before I knew he was a pinko hippie.

justin richardson

what criticism? scott was trying to call him out on "social obligations" and chapin put him in his place


I Seriously Hate that druggie Chapin. Honestly guys this was the worst Eh team cast i have listen to. I was extremely excited about it too. I want you the Eh Team to know it really wasn't your fault it was Chapin. Looking forward to the next cast as long as chapin is not involved.


I agree that this was the worst podcast so far. I could of definitely done without the part where Chapin goes sicko. The rest that followed was equally boring, I felt the cast was walking on eggshells trying not to set off the madman which made for a ZzZzz experience. Honestly, it doesn't look good to the community if you go on a podcast for the sole reason of trashing the hosts because they made offensive comments toward one of your "friends".

I think PChapin lives on fantasy island where everybody "does what is good" and never focus on the negative aspects in life which is pure folly – that's not how the world works buddy. Furthermore, even though some of Jay Boosh's comments, taken at face value, could definitely seem to be out of line, I think that The Innovator failed to realize that Jay's rants are part of his "show personality" which is meant to make people laugh. After 20 episodes, nobody really takes what he has to say seriously, it's only to amuse the listeners that he acts in such a way, IMHO.


Also, is it just me or has the podcast been removed from Or, perhaps it simply hasn't been posted yet? I couldn't find it.


This podcast is a train wreck. Why the hell would i bother listening to these buffoons again?

Madd Mattt

you guys are the best! hands down! i love listening to you all go back and forth… even with Chapin… i found it interesting as hell…

i will say that i agree with Chapin on the MTG culture thing… i've got a music project involving MTG also… i've got a thrash metal band that plays songs written about the lore of our favorite cards…

Hans Moleman

PLEASE do a song at least mentioning Mystic Snake…


Nice to see you here, Ian. This is probably not your type of podcast. I am in the works of getting people to do a more serious one and hopefully, that one will be more to your taste.


Naw, the podcast was not SO bad that MTGCast had to take it down. The people over there are on vacation.


Thanks for the kind words, Madd Mattt! I personally did not like the cast as much as our previous episodes, but I am glad someone else did!


Definitely a comment we will keep in mind, Jordan. Thanks for the feedback!


what is my type of podcast?

Madd Mattt

i will say that it was kind of weird not to hear as much talking about the actual game on this one… especially with Mirrodin Besieged coming out soon and what's been spoiled so far… but… it was still pretty entertaining none the less 😀

hey… you guys need to make Eh? Team shirts


Hrmm, although I appreciate and respect Pat standing up for his bro, I think his biggest problem was the fact that he has probably ONLY ever heard episode 19, and as a result isn't familiar with the fact that this podcast is meant to be entertainment/entertaining.
Of course, Pat goes on to say that the problem with "pop" culture today is its obsession with money, sex and violence, but this very podcast is building a listener-ship based on being the number one politically incorrect podcast in the Magic realm.
Which probably ties into the known fact that Canadian humor, for the most part, is lost on people outside of Canada.
I would liken the first 40 minutes of this episode to a parent responding in outrage to an episode of South Park, or a Muslim responding to an illustrated cartoon of Mohammed. Whether or not it's "acceptable" is not actually the issue because it's merely meant to be entertaining.
So although I respect Pat for sticking up for his bro, and also respect The Eh Team for making this episode publicly available, I feel like that conversation could have, and probably should have, happened behind closed doors.
The whole cast got Jedi Mind Tricked by Patrick Chapin!!!!!


also suck it

jonny suck it

clearly kyt thinks it falls under the "boring, just like the rest" categorical segregation


The reason this was a public and not private is because Chapin didn't want anyones reputation tarnished, and neither do we. So we wanted to rectify anger and hateful comments made about certain people that were not truly intended. And that was Chapin's goal coming on the show. Things got a little tilty, but hopefully you guys can understand that this is why we had Chapin on. (Other than the fact we would want Chapin on anytime!) The point of this podcast wasn't solely to shoot the Sh%$ with Chapin. It was to make clear to our listenership that we don't think bad about Legion Events or Steve. We had a rage-cast on the day the news broke.


I just wanted to say that I posted a lengthy response over at in case any of you were interested in reading me go all Jerry Maguire and shit…

thanks for listening!!!

Art Vandelay

Fuck serious podcasts – there's a million out there of people just talking about boring shit. This show is the only entertaining podcast out there because you guys aren't afraid to say anything that some bitches might find offensive. Don't change the format and just keep doing what you've been doing for the first 19.


Don't get me wrong. The format of THIS show will never change. We have been one of the most popular podcasts because of who we are and we are not looking to change that.

However, it is crazy to assume that as the owner of Mana Deprived, I will only be looking to develop one podcast.


Holy fuck Chapin is such a dick. How dare Jay express his opinion! "Why not do something constructive?" asks Chapin. Why don't YOU do something constructive, instead of writing under lock and key that is SCG Premium, why not create your own podcast where you "do something" for the community, and not a small subset of players who give a shit for paying for content that they could very easily get elsewhere for free.

Nina (CardboardWitch)

What exactly would the point of a serious Podcast be? I mean okay lets say Mike Flores, Conley Woods, Pat Chapin (I guess if he'll let someone else talk) and ummm….. hell Johnny Magic got together to do a "series deck tech podcast"… I'd listen to that for sure.

But if it's just some guys sitting around talking about Magic then why wouldn't you try to make it funny/entertaining?

The way I see it you really have 2 choices in this game; make me want to listen because it's funny/entertaining as hell or make me want to listen because you can teach me something that will DIRECTLY help me win Magic games.

Everything else is just noise.


If you are replying to me, Nina, then I think everyone is stretching my "more serious" line way too far. A more serious podcast than the Eh Team, the edgiest show on the Internet, is not going to be a podcast that's on the other side of the spectrum.

If you liked my Gary Wise interview, which I think you did, that's the type of vibe I am aiming for in my future project.


Zach, I think that's way out of line. How many episodes has Chapin been on the Magic Show? He was THE reason that I watched those videos. He has also appeared on the Taps podcast more than a few times.

Nina (CardboardWitch)

Sure, but I think I liked the Wise podcast because well…..Gary is pretty entertaining and you just let him run with it.

That having been said yeah you're probably right; I might have been reading too much into the word "serious".

I just think you're either going to have to be "entertaining" (which you can do without Jay Boosh rants, it's actually possible! 🙂 ) or you're going to have to be "elite". But "less cutting edge" is fine; just don't let it get dry right.. (See anything by Larry King).


Total trainwreck for Chapin on this one. A shame. He can be a really insightful guy, an excellent deck builder and a great player, but apparently, it he can be a massive jerk too.


show is not up on mtgcast.


I have not listened to this podcast yet, I decided to read all the comments. KYT can I save myself 2 hours? Is it Chapin saying what I said from day one about Boosh and that is that? I think I might have to listen to satisfy my curiosity…


What about Boosh? In my opinion, he is the best part of the show…


Hey folks at The Eh Team,
I wold first like to say that I love your show. After the untimely demise of The Magic School Bus your podcast is the only one that has been able to strike a similar balance between entertainment and quality content.
Now I’d like to weigh in on the contentious issue of the magic cruse. It is my personal opinion that hardly anything positive happens in this world unless people, for lack of a better word, “bitch” about the quality of a product, the quality of a service, the state of the world etc. Therefore, I believe it’s not only you right but your duty as a consumer/citizen to criticize subpar quality products. Personal attacks are generally not very productive but in depth critiquing/ranting has its place.
In the spirit of te show I’d like to give shout-outs to KYT, Jesse, Jay and Scott. Thanks for speaking your mind. (Of course with a healthy amount of homoerotic humor mixed in.) Keep up the great work.


@doug no it isnt, but thanks for the comment, did you end up listening?

Frank Jr Molley


Frank Jr Molley

This issue is about customer service right? That’s the principle, you guys are so in the right based on the facts you presented. Until someone counter presents information other than asking the Eh Team to be more respectful doesn’t take away what happened.

Paul Giles

Do you guys not post on MTGcast anymore?