The Eh Team #21 – Grow a Set

Episode 21 – Grow a Set

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n Episode 21, the Eh Team reveals why Extended isn’t as boring as Standard. They discuss some of the few Mirrodin Besieged spoilers that have appeared so far. The guys also talk about the reactions to Episode 20, and Scott and KYT share how they did in recent Standard tournaments playing the Blue-Green Genesis Wave deck. And finally, tune in right to the end of the podcast as a special someone drops by for some shoutouts.

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I’ve been playing that mono-cascade deck since it was posted. I’ve gotten really really good results against the top five decks in the format. I have 60+ percent win percentage against Naya, Jund, Fae, Wargate, 4cc… it has 45-55% against super fast aggro decks. The two most difficult matchups so far are RG Scapeshift and GW Trap.


On the Planeswalker tangent.

Jace Beleren
Jace the Mind Sculptor
Tezzeret 1
Tezzeret 2

Ajani Goldmane
Elspeth 1
Elspeth 2
Ajani 2
Gideon Jura

I mean come on… no other colors get anywhere near the love… I mean, not only do those two colors get twice as many planeswalkers as the rest, but all of the planeswalkers in those colors are playable.


of course by tefiri I meant venser… lol

Nina (CardboardWitch)

Hey, just popped by to say 2 things:

1) Great cast as always; really enjoyed this one. Also I hate extended but w/e 🙂

2) KYT, new site layout lacks…….colors. Feels like a HS newspaper. I mean no biggie I keep reading because of the content so you can make it ugly as all heck and I’m still coming back. However… it’s very…..white right now. Might want to look into sprucing it up a bit.

Again guys an opinion.

SO HAPPY to have Episode 21!


Nice “rebound” cast guys. I liked the discussion on the walkers and powercreep.

The problem with JTMS is that he set the bar so high. Everything released afterwards is viewed as a disappointment. I think Vengeant, Wildspeaker, and the new Tezz are where the walkers should be. Jace is clearly too much, Elspeth was walking the fine line.

I completely agreed with Zvi on the Scars duals being the top 5 cards from SOM but 2 days into the Besieged spoiler season and I’ve seen a lot of interesting cards.


i agree with neens on the layout of md

justin richardson

omg i opened a contagion engine and it was the worst first pack to open… this from the “limited” specialist of the eh team


@justin it was the worst pack to open because it was a hard choice and there were too many bombs!



Its a pretty wide consensus that you just slam Contagion Engine as it is the best card in SOM limited, unless you want to money draft that $10 Elspeth or something.

And knowing that there are those other bombs you can pretty much gurantee you will know exactly what the 2 people to your left will be in.

I love those packs.


About the “Chapin is an asshole” comments on the last cast that I made. Chapin may have had valid points at times, but he did not need to start yelling and completely disregarding and ignoring everyone that was trying to talk.

He is used to being in the public eye of MTG and should be able to control himself, especially when he is somewhat of the face of MTG and of a reputable website like SCG.

Though I still stand by the fact that he is an asshole, his ego is way too big and I don’t see any reason to “nerd worship” him as some people do. Especially about things like him rapping and his music lol, that shit was just so bad.

Bad nerd rapper is Bad.


Nina (CardboardWitch)

The best card in SoM limited is Sword of Body and Mind; Contagion Engine is def in the top 5 but it’s hardly a consensus.

That having been said I probably would have taken the Engine too under the argument that if the Steel Hellkite gets snap called with a Shatter then I’m down 4 mana and a threat. Whereas there’s pretty much sweet F all you can do about the Engines come into play effect ruining your day; even if you destroy it before he can proliferate.

Honestly though whoever started propogating the rumor that it’s the best card in the format as clearly never played with: Sword of Body and Mind, Wurmcoil Engine or Molten Tail Masticore which are all considerably better choices.

Nina (CardboardWitch)

Also he’s right, the rap was pretty awful. Lil Wayne-esque without the stellar producing but with all the random “Ryming words that end in “eee” over and over”.



How is Sword of Body and Mind the best card in the format?

It and the other cards you listed all suffer from the same thing (massive amounts of artifact removal in the block).

Contagion Engine is comparable to a Titan for SoM, it has an immediate effect when it hits the board that can swing a game in your favor even if they answer it with removal.

Nina (CardboardWitch)

SoBM wins the game pretty much by itself in this format; you strap it to a body and you go. Combined with any type of evasion whatsoever that’s usually gg . Wurmcoil and Masticore both beat every single piece of Artifact Destruction in the format not named Revoke Existence and utterly dominate the games they are played in. Killing a Wurmcoil Engine 3 times typically means you lose (massive card disadvangage), Masticore regenerates and your opponent would have to be an idiot to not leave the mana up.

Engine is not comparable to a Titan; the 3 Mythics I listed most certainly are.

I won’t lie, I’ve drafted this format a couple hundred times now. If you’re telling me Contagion Engine is better than any of those 3 cards I’m inclined to believe you haven’t seen them on the table that much. I have never lost a game with SoBM in play on my side and I have never won a game where my opponent has had one. I’ve beaten a Wurmcoil Engine exactly once and the opponent made several play mistakes to let me do so. I even lost to it playing DOUBLE Arrest; buddy just happened to be running U that night and Disperse/Neurok Replica said “no thanks lets start over”. Masticore I have a slightly better record against because people often misunderstand how to play it; against a good player however I’ve also scored the big “goose-egg”. I’ve won SEVERAL games after a Contagion Engine was dropped because all it does without proliferating is kill off a bunch of my weenies who at that point in the game may not even be that relevant anymore. Even if you DO proliferate it does nothing about the “next fattie” I top deck; outside of Poison it’s power level is VERY comparable to Day of Judgement; not a Titan.

I love Contagion Engine to death, but even in the ideal scenario (one sided Wrath of God in a game during which you are racing, which btw is RARER than most people think) it’s not as game warping as any of those 3 cards are. This is not to say in any way that the Engine is a bad card but seriously it’s not “I win” the way those 3 cards are.

We can agree to disagree, w/e. I will gladly pass you the foil Contagion Engine if I get to keep the Sword/Masticore/Wurmcoil and it has absolutely nothing to do with $$$.

Nina (CardboardWitch)

Unless of course somehow I’m already in Poison; but that’d be pretty tricky considering we’re talking P1P1 scenarios.


I agree that SoBM is great with Evasion. Otherwise you just block it and its a normal equipment.

And Wurmcoil Engine doesn’t require 3 cards to kill it, 1 scrapmelter will kill Wurmcoil and trade with a 3/3.

I am not trying to say those cards aren’t amazing and will win games, but I feel that landing a Contagion Engine and killing 3-4 guys is just such a huge swing in the game that most no one can come back from it, sort of like Arc Trail on their first 2 dudes, you just set someone back so far.

And I just wanted to clarify I wasn’t trying to say it is as powerful as a Titan, but that it is similar in the fact that it has an immediate effect on the board, which to me is very important (I hate dropping a bomb and just getting it removed before it can do anything)

And yes, we will definetly have to agree to disagree. I don’t think there is any surefire way to prove what is best, its all situational and changed by opinions/play style.


Thanks for explaining your reasoning though, I love seeing how other people perceive things.

Checked out your website too, very nice, will have to read more of your stuff when I get more time.


I feel sorry for those peeps who were unable to endure Episode 20 past the 40 minute mark because they probably missed like half of the jokes made in this Episode.

Scotty – Yeah, cause we broadcast to a lot of people, there may be a language issue

Jay Boosh – Yeah, like in Michigan


[I see what you did there Jay 😉 ]

Nina (CardboardWitch)

Lol, it’s cool. I had this discussion with some people at the shop recently and there were a lot of different answers then too; guess Scars has a little something for everyone.

Thanks for checking out the Blog. Dunno I just like writing about Magic and I play a lot so I have a lot to write about I guess.


I disagree with Boosh’s “reasoning” that he shouldn’t take the Engine because it will possibly lead him down the wrong path by getting his mind stuck on drafting poison even when he shouldn’t. He basically says that he shouldn’t make the right play now, because he might make the wrong play later. Whether or not the Engine or the Hellkite is the correct pick, the fact that picking one could lead you to make mistakes later does not support your argument for picking wrongly right now.

If you want to make the optimal play, you should take what you think is the best pick, and then try not to make the mistakes later that you’re aware that you might make. You may not get it right at first, but that’s how you’ll make yourself improve and get closer to making the optimal plays. To make the wrong pick right now to compensate for your mistakes later is going to limit how well you play and prevent you from improving beyond a certain level.

Nina (CardboardWitch)

After last night’s draft I would also like to add Elspeth Tirel to the list of cards I’d draft ahead of Contagion Engine; sooo ridiculously wrong in limited.


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