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F2F Tour North Bay – Event Recap

It’s been a while since I wrote an event recap and that’s because there’s a lot of big things coming down the F2F Tour pipeline. We have the Toronto Weekend on June 2 – 4 and the Edmonton Weekend on June 16 – 18. On top of that, we are hosting a CommandFest alongside the Edmonton Weekend. 3 BIG EVENTS and if you haven’t had a chance to learn about them, go to F2FTour.com right now because these events are going to be massive!

69 players ended up signing up to battle in the main event Modern Super Qualifier at North Bay.

Indomitable Creativity has been gaining in popularity online, becoming the most utilized deck choice in the metagame but in this tournament, Braiden Duncan held it at bay with Temur Rhinos.

I was able to pick his brain on how rated his decklist in this environment.

“Temur Rhinos is better than ever in the current Modern meta along with being a fun deck to play. The addition of the main deck Mystical Disputes and delve spells helped improve some previously bad matchups. Shout out to the team who came up with that idea. I would recommend this deck and this build specifically for anyone looking for a powerful Modern deck!

I also wanted to confirm if Modern was a world dominated by Indomitable Creativity.

“Lots of Creativity and Murktide. Both matchups are improved by the new gameplan!

The top 8 featured 2 copies of Hammer and 2 copies of Amulet Titan alongside 1 copy of Indominable Creativity piloted by popular player Edgar Magalhaes.

So that’s it for North Bay but like I said off the top, the big shows are coming up with Toronto being the first one. I’ll be there and I hope to see many of you attending as well!

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