F2F Tour Stop: Edmonton Recap

As always the case for any of our Alberta events, players came in droves to play our awesome Commander Pod events and our Modern Open main event. If you have never been to one of our Tour Stops, make sure to check out this page for more info on what they’re all about.

133 players competed against each other in the Modern Open and this time, we just might have seen the most diverse Tour Stop top 8 of the year. 8 different decks with Jeskai Grinding Breach and Jeskai Stoneblade meeting in the finals.

Francis Toussaint was able to pilot the Grinding Station to emerge victorious. Long time players will recognize the name as someone who has competed numerous times at the Pro Tour level. He was part of the original Team ManaDeprived that won Pro Tour Barcelona with the Miracle deck (in the hands of Alexander Hayne). It’s great to see Francis at the top of the standings once again.

Our next stop is the final F2F Tour Stop of Cycle 1 which will take place in Toronto on Saturday, September 24th. The first F2F Tour Stop of Cycle 2 will be happening in Montreal on Saturday, October 1st.

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