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F2F Tour Stop Toronto – Round 3 Recap

The F2F Tour events in 2023 have so far featured a level of player attendance that we have not seen in a previous year. 191 competitors battled in our Modern Open Qualifier while countless Commander pods were firing throughout the day.

Plenty of Magic being played

When the dust settled, 2-time F2F Open Champion and senior producer for theScore esports, Keith Capstick, captured his 3rd trophy with Hammer. On his appearance on the latest First Strike podcast, he mentioned the key choices he made for his decklist compared to what’s being played out there.

According to him, other lists are messing around too much playing Spell Pierce and not enough 0-cost artifacts while his version increases the odds of having a dominating game state by turn 2.

Although he believes Haywire Mite is a great card in some matchups, the requirement to play Razorverge Thicket might prove to be too much, so for certain metagames, he says he would just play 11 Plains instead.

Up next on the F2F Tour is our two marquee events for Round 2 – F2F Tour Weekend Vancouver (March 10 – 12) and F2F Tour Weekend Ottawa (March 24 – 26). You can find all the information you need about these two events at F2FTour.com.

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