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KYT, Derek, Jonathan, and Elliot welcome SCG Tour leader Matt Dilks and Team Face to Face Games’ Shaheen Soorani to discuss Amulet Titan, preparing for the Mythic Championship in London, and the next steps in professional Magic after the Mythic Invitational.

(00:01:17) Which version of Amulet Titan is best in Modern? Is it better than Izzet Phoenix? Is there a best version of Izzet Phoenix yet? Where does Dredge fit into the Modern metagame now?
(00:14:48) Is there still room to break anything in Legacy? Is Storm the best choice for the Legacy Magic Fest in Niagara Falls? How does Black Green Depths fare? Is there even a best Legacy deck in the format?
(00:26:17) What Modern deck is Shaheen testing for MC London? Why is he tempted to play Celestial Colonnade again? Is Azorius Spirits better than Bant Spirits?
(00:37:56) Which War of the Sparks cards is Shaheen looking at for his London prep? What WotS cards are the guys looking forward to playing in Standard? Or in Modern? What is the best approach to prep for War of the Spark Limited?
(00:47:04) What does the Pro scene look like for a Gold Pro, after the Mythic Invitational? RIP Dual Standard? What’s going on with PTQs? Will there be more player caps and higher entry fees? Where does the Magic Pro League go from here? Should it grow? Should there be tiers with relegation at the end of the season?

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