First Strike #70 – From an Affinity for Metal to an Affinity for Cheating

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KYT, Derek, and Andy welcome the Affinity master himself, Alex Majlaton to talk about Affinity in the Jace Modern, as well as discussing playing after bans, and the new Magic 25 Limited format.

  • (00:03:27) What was his process for coming up with the version of Affinity Alex used to Top 16 at GP Phoenix? Why the splits of 1 and 2 copies of certain cards?
  • (00:12:12) Was the Modern metagame what Alex expected at the Grand Prix? Would Alex make any adjustments to the deck in the wake of this tournament, especially his sideboard? Will the new Karn spoiled from Dominaria fit into Modern Affinity?
  • (00:24:52) Have Alex’s Limited skills improved since starting his blog? How does his Pro Tour testing team (Massdrop) help his drafting?
  • (00:37:16) Alex Bertonccini finished in Top 32 of the GP. Are people overreacting to him playing after his second ban? Should repeat offenders be allowed to return after spoiling their second chance?
  • (00:51:59) Has Tomoharu Saito’s situation changed the stance on him, after his bannings?
  • (01:00:40) Andy’s been streaming Planeswalker Tron in Modern, is it any good?
  • (01:04:10) Is the Masters 25 Limited format fun? David Savill of the Men from MODO podcast joins the show to weigh in, and share his favourite archetypes so far. Is the Mono-Black [card]Vampire Lacerator[/card] deck too much?
  • (01:21:57) How was the Face to Face Edmonton Modern Open Plus? Is Dredge the next tournament-winning deck?

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Alex Majlaton – @AlexMajlaton
David Savill – @dsavillian

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.