Good Times Community Cast #3

This time around the Good Times crew are a man down as Kris was too sick to join us in the dungeon. Olivia, one of the Good Times staff, sits in instead as we continue our discussion on how store owners can grow their meta. This time, it’s a discussion about distributors; how to get them on your side, and the benefits of doing so. We spend a lot of time discussion Dungeons & Dragons, how to leverage it as an asset to your community, and we go in depth into our local “Bad Humanoids” campaign. Learn about Faggnok and his motley crew of cast-away’s. We also talk about what a huge success Kids Fest was for the store and why you should be looking to events like these to grow your community.

Nestled on the west coast of Canada, just below Alaska, lies the small community of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Despite the limits of a small population of around 10,000, and the remoteness of being 12 hours’ drive from a major city, something great is happening there. They have a game store. A GREAT game store. Good Times Games has captured not only the attention of players from across the region, but also from all over the world. Wizards of the Coast is watching them closely to see if they can capture why such a small store turns out such huge events, and has the loyalty of so many players.

Now you can join Rob, Kris, Mike and Ryan and some special guests as they talk about what makes Good Times Games in Prince Rupert so special. Each episode they will be talking about events the store has held, and explaining the secrets behind why those events are a success. Good Times has regular players as young as 5 and as old as 65. They have more female players at some events than other stores have total attendance. All of these topics will be discussed on the Good Times Games Community Cast.

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