Mana Deprived at GP Montreal

Crazy Talk’s Franky Richard is very anxious to be meeting all of his fans this weekend. He even created a Facebook Event, so that people would not have to scour the entire event site to find him. To see the Facebook Event, click the following link:

Jokes aside, if you planning to attend the GP this weekend and you wish to hang out with us, we will be posting our plans on that Event page. Discount

To celebrate the Canadian GP, our sponsor has stepped up to the plate in offering 10% off all their online singles until the 20th of September. Just a reminder that they also ship to anywhere in Canada for only 99 cents. Take advantage of this deal TODAY.

Promo Code

Earlier, this post said that you had to enter a promo code in order to activate the 10% off. This turned out to be false. Just order away and you will get 10% off your purchase automatically.

Team Mana D

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