Mana Deprived in 2012

Canadian Magic has grown a considerable amount in the last few years. A lot of it has to do with specific people who have fought to grow the game in their particular area. A lot of it also has to do with some of our best players putting the country on the map at Grand Prixs and Pro Tours. There’s plenty of good things going on here as we were even able to start off the year with a tournament series we could call our own: the Canadian Magic Tour. It’s definitely a great time to be a Canadian Magic player.

With that said, we would like to take the momentum of all that growth and infuse it back into Mana Deprived. Over the last couple of months, what sort of content do you think about when you think Mana Deprived? Podcasts, comics, and EDH articles. All great content, but a bit lacking in the competitive strategy/theory department. Now is the time to change that. With the immense help of our sponsor, we are proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with the following 3 players who will become the foundation of our strategic content:

Marc Anderson

Marc Anderson slipped under the radar at Canadian Nationals, but he let the country know who he was by taking down the tournament. He also put out any doubt of a fluke by continuing his strong performance at the World Championship, finishing at an extremely impressive 12th place. Canada was very close to the top of the team standings thanks to his 39 points.

David Caplan

Cappy’s reputation for the longest time has been that of a strong Legacy player who popularized Canadian Threshold, but over the last year, he has shattered that perception. He not only won a MOCS, he went on to finish 4th at the Magic Online Championship and 4th at the World Championship, earning him $23,000 during the weekend of Worlds ’11. Look for more big things from Cappy in 2012.

Alexander Hayne

Alex was someone that people pegged to have a breakthrough last year and he did just that by finally winning his 1st PTQ with Pyromancer Ascension in Standard. Since then, he has been regarded as one of the most well-respected authorities on decks involving the red enchantment. His year was not done though as when the Grand Prix circuit made its way to Montreal, Alex added a 2nd place finish to his resume.

What Does This All Mean?

If you have been reading Mana Deprived for a while now, you know that these 3 players have already submitted content before, but it has been on a very inconsistent schedule. With the signings of these players, you can expect more regular content from them. Also expect us to be in discussions to sign other players as well.

Wait! There’s More!

But, of course, limiting myself to just Canadian players would be silly. We have also signed someone to fill a popular niche these days in MTG Finance. It’s none other than…

Mark Sun

The Legacy Superstar Mark Sun managed to land his first big finish last year by finishing in the top 8 of Legacy Champs at Gen Con. Outside of his Legacy knowledge, what might not be as known about Mark is the fact that he is also now an MTG Finance expert. He has been tutored by one of the best in the game in Jonathan Medina and can now call his own shots.


Who doesn’t love a good contest? Ted Knutson, ex-content manager of StarCityGames, has been recommending smaller Magic: the Gathering sites to do this type of thing for a long time now. To celebrate the growth of Canadian Magic, I am going to be throwing up $100 store credit at to the best article submitted to us between now and March 12th 11:59 pm EST. The guidelines are fairly simple.

  • Send your articles to submissions [at] manadeprived [dot] com.
  • The articles should be roughly 1000-3000 words.
  • The topic is open-ended as we will be focusing on quality of writing more than anything. If we did have a preference, it would be to receive Constructed articles that focused on a particular deck.
  • Ideally, one of the methods we prefer to be sent articles is using Google Docs, but we will gladly accept any of the more popular text formats.
  • Last but not least, you do NOT have to be Canadian to enter.

We will be publishing some of the better submissions along with feedback from a few of our editors. The winner will be declared on March 16th, 2012.

Supporting Mana Deprived

If you are not a writer, but still wish to help spread the word about Mana Deprived, go to this link to purchase Mana D apparel that our good friends over at are selling for us.

Thanks for reading,


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good work KYT, cant wait to see what mana D brings in 2012! but I miss the old site layout 🙁 It was easy to navigate

Kar Yung Tom

@ThomasOates I can going to take your suggestions into consideration!


@Kar Yung Tom @ThomasOates I like the old one better too.


When you say that I can only assume my “article” about current Standard(actually a dead squirrel in a box) has not arrived yet


@CardboardWitch I think you might be being to kind about the current standard enviroment. Squirrel is delic –


“Dearest Andy,
please don’t post my shitty article as I want to win $100 and be Oprah Rich
That Guy”


@GuDoug Come on Gruber, you should know we all post are own articles now. No need to email Andy dearest @CommanderCast


@CommanderCast so sorry. How embarrassing. Did you find set editor help?


lol if i submit an article is it going ot get consideration this time? XP

Kar Yung Tom

@DylanEdgar Definitely don’t be discouraged because of your first effort, Dylan.


You said $100…you lied. It is 100 Canadian Store Credit Dollars. That is like Wooden Nickles and Fun Bucks.


@GuDoug 100 Schrute Bucks.


@CoryJude Hobo Nickels and Scrimshaw


@GuDoug @CoryJude As long as they are willing to convert their colorful monopoly money into MTG cards it’s still good. 😀