State of Mana Deprived

Mana deprived

by Kar Yung Tom

At Canadian Nationals, Mana Deprived made its presence felt.  Not only were our t-shirts shown on various pictures of the official WOTC coverage, our very own Vincent Thibeault took down 2nd place.  I know it is hard to believe, but we have JUST begun.  In this post, I will be announcing a new member of the Mana Deprived team as well as a new column featuring Doug P.

Representing at Canadian Nationals

Despite Face a Face (the #1 store in Canada, this is a cheap plug for your Sal!) giving away over a hundred orange t-shirts to market their brand at the event, players representing Mana Deprived were the ones getting the Feature Matches.  Here are some of pictures from the coverage:

image from

Francis Toussaint

image from

Vincent Thibeault

image from

Phil Samms

New Member – Noah Long

I am more than happy to announce that after his first taste of MTG writing, Noah Long wanted more.  He asked me if he could join Mana Deprived and if I could leave a spot on Mondays for him.  I promptly accepted his requests.  His debut as a Mana Deprived member will be posted at around noon EST.  If you are looking for New Extended material, this is where you want to be.

As a side note, the short biographies of the core members of Mana Deprived can be found here:

Team Mana Deprived

New Column – Ask Doug P

Since the beginning of Mana Deprived, many of our loyal readers have left us questions or comments that we felt would be better addressed in an article.  That is why we are starting a new column called Ask Doug P! featuring none other than our jolly Doug Potter.  Ship any of your MTG-related questions to DougP_at_manadeprived_dot_com and Doug will try his best to answer them.  We might be experimenting by having Doug answer your Qs in audio format.

Parting Shot

I decide to end this post with a lovely picture of Vincent Thibeault holding up his 2nd place trophy while donning the Mana Deprived shirt.  Credit goes to my girlfriend for taking this wonderful shot.  On a side note, Vincent actually sent me his Nationals tournament report a few days ago and it is without a doubt the most enoyable report I have ever read.  Look for Part 1 of it tomorrow right here at Mana Deprived.

Until next time,