The Eh Team #30 – I’ll Squadron Hawk You

Episode 30 – Squadron Hawk You

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Returning to the mics for Episode 30, the Eh Team tell stories from their weekend in Toronto: Friday Night Magic at the Hairy Tarantula North; their choice of Standard decks for the TCGPlayer main event; and why Jay and KYT call MrScottyMac “Dad”.

Jay would like to personally thank the following people who donated to get him to Toronto:

  • Steve Sanchez
  • Joseph La Dow
  • Tony Pagliocco
  • Eric Blanc
  • Allen Campbell
  • Stephen Brynildsen
  • Shaun Hall
  • Guillermo Arturo Pineda Beltrán
  • Gareth Tanner
  • Micheal Bohnert
  • Alex Jerard Muhich
  • Matthew Rapp
  • David Sutherland
  • Tygue McKay
  • Preston Hamill
  • Nikki Cortez
  • The Mana Screw
  • Dolores Hunter
  • Vale Trujillo
  • Jacob Kriner
  • Andrew Harris
  • Luis Acosta
  • Kevin Tyson
  • William Adamson
  • american bacon recordings
  • Luke Worthington
  • Don’s Magic and Sundry
  • Travis Hunt
  • Thomas Quinlan
  • Michael Perry
  • Kyle and Shannon Mathers
  • Marshall Sutcliffe
  • Keith Cockburn
  • Sean Neprud
  • Steven Sonnier
  • Timothy McLaren
  • Matthew Apostle
  • Martin Jones
  • David McCallister
  • Keri Saunders
  • Tommy Liu
  • Matthew Becker
  • Vernon W Crawford
  • Stormin’ Lion Games
  • Kar Yung Tom
  • Scott MacCallum
  • Dave Robinder
  • François Richard
  • Michael Weaver
  • Chris Lansdell
  • Jonathan Medina

And of course, the prizes were drawn as follows:
(Please send your mailing address to xcrimsonxeclipsex AT, so Jay knows where to send your prize. …Otherwise, he just might keep it!)

  • Foil Blightsteel Colossus from @ErtaisLament — Preston Hamill
  • Sword of Feast and Famine from JayBoosh himself, as a thank you — Keri Saunders
  • One draft set on MTGO and TWO custom hand-made life counters from Marshall and Ryan of Limited Resources — William Adamson
  • Foil full art Game Day Black Suns Zenith from @benc86 on Twitter — Sean Neprud
  • $20 gift certificate for CoolStuffInc from Trick Jarrett — Luis Acosta
  • 1-hour training session with Jonathan Medina (@mtgmetagame) via Skype about trading — Steven Sonnier
  • 2 foil judge promos: Thawing Glaciers and Land Tax for your EDH decks from Charlotte Sable — winner of Thawing Glaciers is Scott MacCallum; winner of Land Tax is Alex Jerard Muhich
  • 2 exclusive alternate art Cancels from Dex — Dave Robinder
  • 2 French Renaissance booster packs from Don’s Magic and Sundry — Kar Yung Tom
  • 8.5″ x 11″ ink drawing or a feature appearance in a future Durdling Around comic from David Lee (@derfington) — Luke Worthington
  • Playset of altered Stinkweed Pimps signed by @metaknightmare — Matthew Rapp
  • Foil Japanese Kemba, Kha Regent, 4x foil 10th edition Rampant Growth, 4x M11 Japanese Duress, a foil Explore and a foil Crystalline Sliver from @themanascrew — Kevin Tyson
  • Special custom life pads from @VRDave of — François Richard
  • Yo MTG Taps! t-shirt from Joey Pasco and Big Head Joe — Vernon W Crawford
  • 4 Chinese foil Mindwrack Liege, a Chinese Braid of Fire and a Thrun, the last Troll from @crypplecommand — Martin Jones
  • The game-worn “jersey” that JayBoosh wore/advertised at the TCG 10k all day Saturday in Toronto — Tygue McKay
  • 2 Scars Block draft sets from @Rhythmik — Thomas Quinlan

The chess games, thanks to @GaddockTygue:
KYT vs Alex Hayne in an EPIC game of chess
game 1 part 1
game 1 part 2
GAME 3!!!

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14 thoughts on “The Eh Team #30 – I’ll Squadron Hawk You”

  1. I must say, I did not recognize Jay Boosh by his voice. Great cast as usual guys, keep up the good work!

    Also, 5-9 in the tourney were X-1-1, 10-16 were all X-2s. I was X-1 going into the last round, lost to Gideon, even though I kept attacking him, and ended up in 20th place, which kind of sucked.

    The chess match was if Kyt won a single game, Smithers bought him dinner, and if I won all 3, then he bought me dinner. This started because he thought Kyt was good at chess, and wanted some entertainment.

    So again, it was awesome meeting you guys, now that Nats is confirmed in Toronto, hope to see you all (minus Smitty again 🙁 ) there!

  2. 5th-11th place (at least) was X-1-1. I was 11th.

    Congrats to Tygue for winning that sweaty shirt!

  3. Sweet! I won a prize! That full-art BSZ is sweet. I love that card. Though, I love pretty much every black card 🙂

    Thank you!

  4. Hey guys. I’ve started listening to you guys thanks to Alex (DeckConstruct).. I really like your podcast and went back and listened to ALL the episodes. I’ve started following you guys on Twitter and hope to hear some more awesome stuff from you guys.

  5. HELLS YEAH! I win the stinky sweaty Boosh Shirt! See I wanna wash the shirt just so it’s clean, but at the same time it would lose it’s sentimental value and would be de-Booshed…..

    Now to decide if I want to frame that shirt or sport it during FNM’s in Honour of the Boosh…..hmmm long thought on this one. Either way Jay your shirt will have a good home and will be cherished for years to come, or until the moth’s decide to eat it.

    Awesome cast guys!

    OH and like they said, you can check my Youtube channel to watch the Chess matches between KYT and Alex….man those were awesome shit. or Follow me on twitter (which you should also do)

    Peace out,

    Tygue McKay

  6. Hi sweet podcast like always.

    @KYT, LOL i enjoyed the comment about people coming to you and then not having twitter :p

    @Scotty/Smitty, how can i get in contact with you guys (besides twitter) on changes you guys might want to make to the Tezz, and the mind hammers?

  7. Great show as usual. I was in Eh Team withdrawl.


  8. @Dylan email smi77y at 60cards dot com. However not many changes as of late, I’ve been very busy. Currently -2 Precursor -2 Prohpetic Prism +3 mana leak/spell pierce (whatever you prefer, I like pierce) and +1 Inferno Titan/Wurmcoil, I prefer TItan here.

  9. Great cast as usual.

    Just something not clear in my head, i didnt understand the point that kyt was approching with the facetofacegames/manadeprived t-shirt that were wearing at tcg toronto. Was there some player that were wearing the shirt without being associated to manaD or facetoface in your mind? Didnt understand that fact.

  10. I’ll admit I was one of those peeps that chatted with kyt and I don’t have twitter. So that had to change….I’m now on twitter thefabulous_1

    Btw great cast guys it was nice meeting jay and kyt.


  11. Hey! You guys are always talking about “the chat window” and I was wondering where this mysterious chat window is. I’m a long time lover of the The Eh Team and an American. Please keep this great stuff up!



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