The Eh Team #30 – I’ll Squadron Hawk You

Episode 30 – Squadron Hawk You

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Returning to the mics for Episode 30, the Eh Team tell stories from their weekend in Toronto: Friday Night Magic at the Hairy Tarantula North; their choice of Standard decks for the TCGPlayer main event; and why Jay and KYT call MrScottyMac “Dad”.

Jay would like to personally thank the following people who donated to get him to Toronto:

  • Steve Sanchez
  • Joseph La Dow
  • Tony Pagliocco
  • Eric Blanc
  • Allen Campbell
  • Stephen Brynildsen
  • Shaun Hall
  • Guillermo Arturo Pineda Beltrán
  • Gareth Tanner
  • Micheal Bohnert
  • Alex Jerard Muhich
  • Matthew Rapp
  • David Sutherland
  • Tygue McKay
  • Preston Hamill
  • Nikki Cortez
  • The Mana Screw
  • Dolores Hunter
  • Vale Trujillo
  • Jacob Kriner
  • Andrew Harris
  • Luis Acosta
  • Kevin Tyson
  • William Adamson
  • american bacon recordings
  • Luke Worthington
  • Don’s Magic and Sundry
  • Travis Hunt
  • Thomas Quinlan
  • Michael Perry
  • Kyle and Shannon Mathers
  • Marshall Sutcliffe
  • Keith Cockburn
  • Sean Neprud
  • Steven Sonnier
  • Timothy McLaren
  • Matthew Apostle
  • Martin Jones
  • David McCallister
  • Keri Saunders
  • Tommy Liu
  • Matthew Becker
  • Vernon W Crawford
  • Stormin’ Lion Games
  • Kar Yung Tom
  • Scott MacCallum
  • Dave Robinder
  • François Richard
  • Michael Weaver
  • Chris Lansdell
  • Jonathan Medina

And of course, the prizes were drawn as follows:
(Please send your mailing address to xcrimsonxeclipsex AT, so Jay knows where to send your prize. …Otherwise, he just might keep it!)

  • Foil Blightsteel Colossus from @ErtaisLament — Preston Hamill
  • Sword of Feast and Famine from JayBoosh himself, as a thank you — Keri Saunders
  • One draft set on MTGO and TWO custom hand-made life counters from Marshall and Ryan of Limited Resources — William Adamson
  • Foil full art Game Day Black Suns Zenith from @benc86 on Twitter — Sean Neprud
  • $20 gift certificate for CoolStuffInc from Trick Jarrett — Luis Acosta
  • 1-hour training session with Jonathan Medina (@mtgmetagame) via Skype about trading — Steven Sonnier
  • 2 foil judge promos: Thawing Glaciers and Land Tax for your EDH decks from Charlotte Sable — winner of Thawing Glaciers is Scott MacCallum; winner of Land Tax is Alex Jerard Muhich
  • 2 exclusive alternate art Cancels from Dex — Dave Robinder
  • 2 French Renaissance booster packs from Don’s Magic and Sundry — Kar Yung Tom
  • 8.5″ x 11″ ink drawing or a feature appearance in a future Durdling Around comic from David Lee (@derfington) — Luke Worthington
  • Playset of altered Stinkweed Pimps signed by @metaknightmare — Matthew Rapp
  • Foil Japanese Kemba, Kha Regent, 4x foil 10th edition Rampant Growth, 4x M11 Japanese Duress, a foil Explore and a foil Crystalline Sliver from @themanascrew — Kevin Tyson
  • Special custom life pads from @VRDave of — François Richard
  • Yo MTG Taps! t-shirt from Joey Pasco and Big Head Joe — Vernon W Crawford
  • 4 Chinese foil Mindwrack Liege, a Chinese Braid of Fire and a Thrun, the last Troll from @crypplecommand — Martin Jones
  • The game-worn “jersey” that JayBoosh wore/advertised at the TCG 10k all day Saturday in Toronto — Tygue McKay
  • 2 Scars Block draft sets from @Rhythmik — Thomas Quinlan

The chess games, thanks to @GaddockTygue:
KYT vs Alex Hayne in an EPIC game of chess
game 1 part 1
game 1 part 2
GAME 3!!!

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