The Eh Team #31 – Smitty’s Angels

Episode 31 -Smitty’s Angels

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The team checks in early for a Friday podcast with a very special new intro. The guys are joined on the mic by podcast editor Kyle (@kerrydan), discuss the upcoming Nationals Qualifiers, then reveal what they’ve been playtesting in Standard lately.

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Eh Team Intro – @mtgcolorpie
Throwing Fire – Ronald Jenkees

27 thoughts on “The Eh Team #31 – Smitty’s Angels”

  1. Keep up the good work guys.

    Not sure why you would stop, but, hey.


    – Ged

  2. Okay this is part 2 of the comments I posted on

    Great show as always and I’m not just saying that because you spent 20 mins mocking me! Lol.

    RE: Qualifying for Nationals on Rating: At first I was kind of tempted to stop playing because I was in the top 100 but what KYT said about there being a huge jump right at the end made a lot of sense to me on Twitter. Also as a Magic player I feel I’m typically much better when I am playing constantly; taking several months off before the biggest event of my life does NOT sound like a plan for success at said event. That’s another point as well; the fact is I’ve played in a GP and now a TCG open but I’ve never played in an event as big as Nationals. I’m pretty new at this and I didn’t even know I had a chance to qualify on rating until like 3 days ago. I figure my best bet is to have fun, keep playing Magic and if I’m invited give it my best shot and hope to see KYT there. Everything else is out of my control.

    RE: The win/id streak – don’t ask me. I probably should have lost at least 1 in 6 of those games and either got lucky or my opponent screwed up somehow. I do play at the same store all the time for drafts but we have about 20-25 different people that show up and a lot of 1 time visitors who don’t come back if they lose too badly just like any local store that runs Magic. The cards have been very good to me and I guess I’ve just been playing the right deck; the fact that Valakut is stupid and it’s almost HARD to draft a bad deck in SOM probably hasn’t hurt either. I’m just taking it 1 game at a time and good things are happening; guess it’ll probably balance out at some point for sure.

    I actually don’t play much on Modo because I have a harder time reading my opponent when he’s a funny little avatar and a playmat. I do alright drafting online when I bother but I’m no Great Dustini; that guy is sick. I use it to goldfish decks against a live opponent for Standard and the occasional draft.

    My current rating is only 1938 but I won a 3 round draft tonight.

    Thanks for the savage character assassination; I’ll try not to cry when random people at tournaments come up to me coughing and fall the ground.

  3. I love the show. But please, please lose the Charlie’s Angels theme part of it!! That theme is good as a one-of. Not to mention you’re the Eh Team, not Smi77y’s Angels!!

  4. Many ‘tcg’ stores in Melbourne, Australia exclusively do Yu-Gi-Oh! As it is where all the money is, or so I am told. The reason is because the target age is usually around 12-15 and thus have a large amount of disposable income, especially given half of them do not go out and YGO is a card where only mythics are good in relation to MTG.

    We do have one store that only sells MTG and it is purely the best due to the lack of YGO players

  5. Pierre also does alot of trading with costumers to get us the cards we need everyday and he always give us really good deals on them,

  6. Another awesome cast guys.

    Keep up the great work. Oh and Fuck You Jay, jk had to say it lol.

    Also the intro was EPIC!

  7. excelennt podcast, boys. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you again at nats!

  8. + 1 for the shoutout. That was a pretty epic commander standoff. Plant 10+ power plan tokens constantly stopped by 1/1 insects. Also, the second pronunciation was how I pronounce it.

    My store also has an issue with poor internet (as in only the owner has it). I have to pray to leech off another bad connection, or report our events at home. It does happen. :p

    Keep up the good work guys.

  9. Smi77y’s enthusiorgasms over cards always makes me laugh. I can’t wait for the next set to release to hear him go off again and again.

  10. Great ep, figured I’d start commenting on both sites, you know, share the love. Wouldn’t mind hearing thoughts on what you’d like to see in m12 and what you wouldn’t like to see.

    Me personally, I hope the titans come back. I collected too many of them from m11 and would like to continue using them.

  11. @methshin

    titans were confirmed in m12 like a week or two ago.

    agree would like to hear what u guys want to see in m12 also

  12. This cast is awesome, but please talk more about magic cards and decks. The side stories are fun most of the time but back in the single digit shows you would talk about decks and individual cards for a while. other wise great show guys!!!

  13. @Justin Richardson uh, where did you read this sir? Don’t think that’s true. God that would SUCK.

  14. I enjoy the cast a lot. Now quit bitching about not getting enough comments.

  15. @Justin Richardson

    That’s not a confirmation, just a promo, though it does lend to the argument that they will be back, it’s not an outright spoiler.

    Saw that last week, and I gotta say, I need to get me a set of those frostys for my uw deck

  16. awesome show as always

    Weren’t you going to put some land destruction deck list in the show notes that is stupid fun to play?

    also, LOL at the intro!!

  17. I second that. I would like to see the land destruction deck list. Love the show. Thanks for the awesomeness and the laughs.

  18. Luke’s roommate, that’s not the ginger!
    The coolest 13 year old we know.

    You guys are awesome.

  19. Dude, that intro is about the most hilarious opening I’ve heard in a LOOOOOONG time!

  20. You guys are the most “TRUEST” podcasters to date, talking from your heart and sole man. And if you dont agree with something and going through a beat down just remember what Smitty says “Fuck you” , 2 times. Take care and keep up the great work.


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