The Eh Team #76 – The Winningest Legacy Player

Following his win at Grand Prix Indianapolis, Tom Martell just has to pay another visit to the Eh Team to tell the story of his tournament, discuss the Legacy format, and, live on the podcast, he finally takes the victory drink out of his GP trophy! The guys also talk Commander, Jay Boosh’s Top 8 in the Standard portion of CMT Calgary the same weekend, and Medina is convinced to change his mind on a certain slap bet.

Official WotC Coverage of Grand Prix Indianapolis

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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@JayBoosh – Jay Tuharsky
@MrScottyMac – Scott MacCallum
@mtgmedina – Jonathan Medina

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Eh Team Intro – @mtgcolorpie
Throwing Fire – Ronald Jenkees

11 thoughts on “The Eh Team #76 – The Winningest Legacy Player”

  1. Little known fact: One of my favorite hobbies is beating Matt Mercier.

  2. The issue with Mike Flores is that he sucks in the light in the room. The persona he’s created for himself in the MTG community is toxic to people that aren’t interested in his stories or opinions. You either love him or hate him with a passion. He’s just an over the top personality, but unfortunately he’s selling himself as a, “My opinions are facts” kind of guy. A HUGE buzzkill, especially when you have a light-hearted cast of people, like Medina.
    I have no problems when he’s on the podcast, but keep him on a leash or get another guest with him that can tone down Mike’s presence.

  3. I met Medina at GP:Indy. He seemed really nice, and then he ducked me so I couldn’t crush him in EDH. I’m callin’ you out Medina.

  4. Medina obviously does not support the underdogs. Who thought, even with the lead, that @dieplstks was a favorite in a popularity contest? 😛

  5. Medina, you were playing pascals list? Didn’t you have like 3 flusterstorms + thalia + gaddock teeg + spell pierce post board?? Come on! Wake up Medina!

  6. oh wow, my bad. I had no Idea he cut the blue, I thought he was still on his CMT list with blue for geist of st traft. Storm seems like a bad matchup for this list. Even post board.

  7. Thanks for the podcast guys. I’ve been listening for 20-ish episodes and I’ve enjoyed every one.

  8. great episode martell is always a good guest. but someone link me to Kiblers stream when he pass’s out! i gotta see this!

  9. Great cast. Martell is an awesome guest. I also want to see this stream where he passes out. That’s hilarious. PolishTamales kinda hit that nail on the head, Flores just tries way too hard in that cast. He should seriously chill out and not try to take control of the cast that we love. Medina where you at? EvilBeard is calling you out.


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