The Eh Team – Jay Boosh Gets Engaged!

As some of you awesome listeners already know, we are taking episode 100 extremely seriously in the hopes of producing something memorable for our fans, especially those that have stuck with us since the very beginning.

Sadly, that means no episode today. I had the silly idea of filling the void with the announcement of Jay’s presumed pregnancy but ultimately decided against it. Kyle had the hilarious suggestion to let our listeners name his baby, which you could still do…

However, BIG Eh Team news did happen a few days ago and it did involve our lovable Jay Boosh as he proposed to his long-time girlfriend Megan. To his delight, she accepted. On the behalf of the Eh Team, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to Jay. We love you buddy!

Don’t worry, Eh Team Army, we will have content very soon to keep you guys excited about Numero 100.