Top 8 Magic #340 – Save or Delete

ManaDeprived.com is happy to feature this special episode of Top 8 Magic where Flores and BDM go over the Hall of Fame and the entire set of M14. Brace yourself!

“Imposing Sovereign was spoiled in Top Decks… How bad could it be?” — Mike

  • Intros… or no intros?
  • Brian is executive producing a movie!?! ==> ENTER THE BATTLEFIELD <== “God forbid you would have told me.” — Mike
  • The Righteous Babe reunion / Patrick Chapin’s birthday party
  • About thirty minutes of Hall of Fame ballot chats – What makes some players’ results “too” good?
  • Brian somehow doesn’t believe / recall he did SCG coverage. Here it is:

⁃ http://www.top8magic.com/2008/12/philly-5k-feature-match-mike-flores-vs-adsm-levitt/
⁃ etc. (go click around… BDM did tons of updates on his iPhone only)

  • Brian makes the case for Mihara; Mike counters with Eric Froehlich
  • Longtime listeners track the meteoric rise of Tom Martell to one of the best players — dare we say it? — of all time?
  • The plan is 30 minutes BS, 30 minutes M14 White, 30 minutes M14 Blue
  • Mike and Brian agree on the best deck designer in the world at about minute 25
  • Mike and Brian contrast the various styles of different historical best deck designers in the world a la Zvi Mowshowitz (inspiration), Patrick Chapin (exploiting inefficiency), Gerry Thompson (effort), and others.
  • Mike claims to re-start but doesn’t (about that… Mike’s iPhone was running out of battery so we cut out a couple of times. We’d apologize, but it’s not like you listen to this podcast for its audio quality).
  • Another hour or so of M14 SAVE OR DELETE -Mike and Brian somehow get through all of M14. You’re. Welcome.
  • Think we got something wrong on the M14 spoiler? Yell about it in the comments.


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