Top 8 Magic #342 – Deck Building and Life with Patrick Chapin

BDM is off at the World Championships but Mike soldiers on with a special guest!

  • Patrick Chapin Does a Terrible BDM Impression
  • Murderers’ Row
  • What Magic superstar broke Patrick’s ribs?
  • First World Problems: Chapin sings Beach Boys songs
  • Next Level Deck Building – The Culmination of Two Years of Patrick’s Life! (and Patrick’s favorite topic)
  • Mike’s bar for a book: “to what degree do I want to steal from this?”
  • Has Mike given Saito a raw deal? (BTW Mike is a huge Saito fanboy)
  • Q&A with Patrick Chapin! – Questions various from Twitter
  • The Fried Chicken Diet
  • “Any sufficiently advanced TCG is indistinguishable from Magic.”
  • Patrick deals with Mike’s “leaks”. <– listen up and learn something!
  • Why the Hall of Fame vote will look quite different starting next year.
  • Did we mention Patrick Chapin Does a REALLY TERRIBLE BDM Impression?


“Reading PRIDE AND PREJUDICE isn’t going to win you any Magic tournaments.” -Patrick Chapin

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