Totally Lost #4 – To Infinity and Beyond brings you the newest episode of Totally Lost! In episode 4, the guys discuss how Travis has gone infinite on MTGO, with specific focus on Constructed DE and Momir Vig.

Show Notes
Travis Sowers’ feature match at an SCG Open
Great Moments of Magic playlist

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2 thoughts on “Totally Lost #4 – To Infinity and Beyond”

  1. REALLY, really enjoyed this one, guys. Well done. Bankrolling tix on MTGO to play as much as possible is a great subject that deserves to be revisited from time to time.

    Funny that I’ve just started getting into Momir myself. I haven’t tried a Daily yet, but I think I will soon. I chose to play Momir for one of the exact reasons Travis suggested: my biggest weakness is missing the on-board kill, and this format trains me to not do so. I would love to play against either of you if we ever see each other on MTGO.

    BTW, laughed out loud at Travis’ “PSHHKOW!” sound at the end. Great nod to the Eh Team. 😉


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