ROE Limited – How to Draft GW Auras


by Francis Toussaint

Hello and welcome Mana Deprived readers! My name is Francis Toussaint, and I’m here to give you a Limited article. But first, a little about myself. I’ve been playing Magic competitively for about 5 years now, and up to this point the only major accomplishments I’ve managed are top 8 at Canadian Nationals in 2008 & 2009, and losing the ‘win and in’ round for top 8 at GP Oakland, finishing in the top 20.

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Three Simple Preparation Principles for Nationals

[As much as 2010 has been a great year for me, it has been an even better one for fellow Mana Deprived contributor Vincent Thibeault.  In the 3 big tourneys that I participated in, I was able to top 8 each of them.  Pretty good, right?  Vincent, on the other hand, won one of them (PTQ Amsterdam) and split in the finals for another.  This article discusses how he plans to prepare for his biggest tournament yet: Nationals.  –KYT]

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