Event Recap

F2F Tour Hamilton 2023 – Event Recap

Derek Pite confirmed his reputation as a Rakdos master with a win at this past weekend’s F2F Tour Super Qualifier in Hamilton.

143 players came to battle it out in the Modern format. The competition was fierce.

Oliver Chan feeling the pressure

Derek, who regularly streams on Twitch, was almost late for the event as he didn’t realize the schedule for the GO train had changed. He managed to grab a bus and proceeded to go 6-1 in the first 7 rounds before intentionally drawing into top 8.

Rakdos Evoke had a fantastic weekend, with the other finalist, Andrew Ruschpler, also wielding the same archetype. Furthermore, in the top 8, there were three instances of Amulet Titan. Among these, Shawn Mackay achieved the best finish as the pilot.

Despite Amulet Titan’s strong showing, Derek tells me that it is Rhinos that is a close 2nd to Rakdos Evoke in the battle for The Best Deck in the Format.

Derek Pite @misplacedginger
F2F Tour Hamilton Modern Super Qualifier Top 8

With Hamilton in the books, the F2F Tour heads towards New Brunswick to host a Modern Qualifier in the city of Fredericton. And of course, don’t forget, we are fast approaching F2F Tour Calgary Weekend.

Be sure to check out F2FTour.com for more information to see the upcoming events!

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