Thursday, August 6, 2020
Fournier's back to talk your ear off about Modern Control decks.
Fresh off my Top 16 at Mythic Championship Barcelona, I'm here to tell you how to win in this crazy format. Good friends of mine like 40-card Ben Friedman are often posting on Twitter about how this format is all...
Daniel Fournier is preparing for Mythic Championship Barcelona and hes got a Remand strategy that you do not want to miss.
This past weekend the Open Series traveled to Toronto for Team Trios Open. Check out all the action!
For the first time ever the Open Series traveled to Lethbridge, Alberta this past weekend for a Modern Open, and we were blown away by the response from the local community. We had a packed house for the...
This past Sunday Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a 1k Modern Sunday Showdown as part of our weekly Showdown series. Jump in and check out all the action!
Keith has been playing a lot of Jund since the ubnanning on Bloodbraid Elf. Hop in and learn how to sideboard with 's newest midrange weapon!
Chris Flink puts together a comprehensive guide on Ad Nauseam!
Jonathan Zhang took Grishoalbrand to a top 4 finish at Grand Prix Toronto. Read the primer from one of the archetype's strongest advocates.
Bridge from Below is banned in Modern. What do we do now? Keith has you covered.

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